Marianne Faithfull New Album and Playlist

Marianne Faithfull’s new album, Give My Love to London, came out yesterday.  Above is the trailer for it.  One thing that the trailer doesn’t make clear, although she collaborated with a wide variety of great artists for this record, this is not a duets record.  Marianne is the center of attention for the entire record, except for a brief moment when Brian Eno takes over.  (Which makes sense when you hear the song.)  Her music has been a constant companion over the last several years.  Her bravery in song choice and subject matter is rare.  Her voice is a mountain, weathered by time.  It can be harrowing, beautiful, and true, all at the same time.  My first impression of her new album, although I definitely need more time to digest it, is that it may be one of the highlights of her career.  (And this album marks 50 years in her career!)

In honor of her new album coming out I wanted to create a playlist.  Although I absolutely treasure the album Broken English in its entirety, in general, I am someone that prefers a certain kind of Marianne Faithfull song.  I love her late period melodic work more than her early stuff, bluesy work, or her work in the vein of Kurt Weill.  That’s not to say that I don’t appreciate her entire catalogue.  It is just I find myself drawn to certain things above others.  This will mean that the playlist below will work as an album in and of itself, but it will also only provide a partial picture of her legendary career.  She has a certain kind of song that is full of both beauty and tragedy.  She is one of the few artists that can actually bring tears to my eyes.  Each song below is its own world that you can get lost in for days at a time.  (I should mention that everything I have chosen is available online and should be easy to find.  I didn’t want to include anything that was unavailable.)

1.  Trouble In Mind (The Return)A Perfect Stranger
2.  As Tears Go ByA Perfect Stranger
3.  A Perfect StrangerA Perfect Stranger
4.  Conversation On a Barstool A Perfect Stranger
5.  Times SquareA Child’s Adventure
6.  Morning ComeA Child’s Adventure
7.  StationsHorses and High Heels
8.  Why Did We Have to PartHorses and High Heels
9.  The Crane Wife 3 Easy Come Easy Go
10.  That’s How Every Empire FallsHorses and High Heels
11.  The Ballad of Lucy JordanBroken English
12.  The Stars Line UpA Secret Life
13.  Dreamin’ My DreamsDreamin’ My Dreams