An Oral History of National Lampoons Christmas Vacation


An Oral History of National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

One last holiday treat.  This is an article from Rolling Stone about the making of the holiday classic Christmas Vacation.

Free Christmas Single

Merry Christmas!  No Show Ponies is giving away a free Christmas single today and tomorrow.  You can download it for free from our Reverb Nation page at the link above.  This song was recorded in Pennsylvania with our old band.  They are a great bunch of guys and will be missed this Christmas, along with everyone else back in Pa, as we are not making the journey home this year.  Hopefully everyone in Pa and beyond will be getting sauced with loved ones tonight.  Happy Holidays from Austin, Texas!  

Christmas Time Warp

If you haven’t checked it out yet please click on the link above and listen to No Show Ponies new album, A Manual for Defeat.  I’m extremely proud of this record.  It is three-piece independent rock n roll.  We recorded to analog tape with the great Ramsay Midwood at in the production chair.  Spread the joy.  Make businessmen cry. 

I should resume a fuller posting schedule tomorrow once my brain recovers from the Christmas party I attended last night.  I ate and drank enough last night so that the finer points of the English language are evading me today.  Or as my great friend Roman says, “I don’t black out, I time warp.”  

Black Magic and Strange Gods

I just read on Huffington Post that a record low percentage of Americans approve of the Republican Party.  This is a record low since Gallup began asking if people had a favorable impression of the parties since 1992.  Is it Christmas?  I hope it keeps going lower, and lower, and lower!  I hope some kind of black magic takes effect and the numbers actually go negative.  That’s what I’m rooting for.  I will burn candles and pray to strange gods.  I want to see a complete bottoming out.  You may think this to be ignoble of me.  But let’s face it, they did it to themselves.