Cimate Deniers Cut NASA Budget

Climate Deniers Cut NASA Budget

It looks like climate deniers in our government are responsible for cutting the upcoming NASA budget, as NASA, like all of the major scientific institutions, is pointing out the change that is happening due to man-made climate change.  NASA helped the United States be the first country to the moon.  Now they are being dictated to by a bunch ideologues who don’t know the first thing about science.  These are sad times.

Bill Nye On GMO Crops

Bill Nye On GMO Crops

Here is an interesting article on GMO crops.  Apparently Bill Nye, who has been debunking pseudoscience when it comes to things like climate change, is claiming that we have an irrational fear of GMO crops.  He is not supporting companies like Monsanto and their business practices, only saying that GMO crops, if done right, aren’t necessarily anymore dangerous than many other crops.  I am still trying to learn about this topic, but I have read other articles that seem to back Nye.  I think at the very least we should all try to read more before we take a strong stand one way or the other.  The article does a good job of explaining the science behind Nye’s thinking.  A sample quote from Nye:

I’m not saying GMOs are a silver bullet to end world hunger or that I love Monsanto. And I’m not saying that there aren’t cases where individual GMOs might result in environmental issues, such as pest resistance. Debating GMOs’ benefits and risks is healthy. But making GMOs the bogeyman while giving other crops a pass isn’t.