Traveling Today…

Traveling back to Texas today from the Steamboat MusicFest.   Posting will be slow.  And these parents dragging their five fucking kids through the airport will be even slower!  (I am slowly giving in to the venomous vampire apeshit primitive lizard brained animal mind…)

Devolving In Steamboat Springs

I have been holed away in the the town of Steamboat Springs, Colorado for the Steamboat MusicFest.  I intended to read several books, to update my blog regularly, and to get a lot accomplished in general.  However, this hasn’t happened!  I’d like to blame it on rock n roll partying, but alas, I cannot.  I only drank one night and although I felt like I had been raped by a werewolf the next morning, it really was probably due to my lack of drinking lately and not any excessive amount of alcohol abuse.  I have become older and shittier.  It is true.

The hours and minutes of each day have simply slipped through my grasp.  I don’t know if this is due to weather that is comparatively colder than what I have become used to in Texas or the higher altitude of the area.  Maybe it is just due to laziness and a subconscious feeling that I am on vacation.  I have no answers.  Books have not been read, knowledge has not been gained, and writing has not commenced at the usual rate.  In fact if anything, I think my mind has slowly devolved back towards ape status, although I cannot confirm this.

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you tomorrow
You’re always a day away…

Steamboat MusicFest


Shinyribs Steamboat Dates

For the next week I’ll be at the the Steamboat MusicFest with Shinyribs.  I’m bringing my computer along so I can keep things updated.  Still, tomorrow I might be a bit off the grid as I travel.  I don’t ski, so I hope to read as many books and listen to as much music as possible between shows while I’m there.  That’s the plan anyway…

Here is the website for the festival itself:

Steamboat MusicFest

End of Tour and Back to the Heat


I’m finally back in Austin after being on tour with Shinyribs in Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado.  Tomorrow I will resume my regular posting schedule.  It’s hotter than hell here, of which I have had a brief respite from in the last twelve days.  Here is one of my favorite bands, Marah, playing their song Long Hot Summer.  If you don’t know who they are I highly recommend that you check them out.  

Tour Poetry Day 5: Imperfect Cities

In La Rochelle, France
I once walked the crooked streets
In awe of its civilized beauty
Before long I noticed
There were no advertisements
Except the painted store signs
Crafted with careful elegance
By local artisans
Today, as I drove through the mountains
Of western Colorado
Where every bend in the road
Left you awestruck with wonder
It felt good to be free
Of the oppressive billboards
And the garish lighted signs
That fill so many of our cities
If only we had more self respect
We would tear down these aesthetic horrors
This blight upon our culture
And then maybe, even our imperfect cities
Built by the fallen hands of man
Might also stand a chance
Of wonder

Steamboat,  Colorado 8/3/14

Shinyribs Tour and Poetry


Starting this Wednesday I am going on tour with Shinyribs.  We will be in New Mexico, Colorado, and Texas.

For a list of full tour details here is a link to the Shinyribs website:

Usually when I go on tour, mostly due to lack of service, but also from trying to type things on my phone, and sheer exhaustion, my blogging input decreases.  One thing I am going to try to do on this tour is to post some kind of poem every day based on what I see on the road.  There may be a day or so without service, but if that happens I’ll just post two the next day or whatever.

Lately I’ve been posting poetry, which until recently I have never written before, although I have written plenty of song lyrics.  I don’t even feel comfortable calling it poetry as I have no experience in that field.  I think of it more as prose in verse form.  There is something Zen about it for me.  I enjoy trying to write something that translates some kind of image or idea without all of the explaining that comes with writing prose.  I’m having fun with it.  Hopefully you all will enjoy some of it as well.