Growing Up Live: Great and Ridiculous

Never have I laughed as much, while also genuinely enjoying something, that wasn’t a comedy, as while watching Peter Gabriel’s Growing Up Live DVD.  One of my first summers in Austin, my brother, a friend, and I, watched this DVD almost every night while maybe, or maybe not, being on various substances.  It’s fucking ridiculous.  He is dressed in an all black ninja outfit, while bald and looking like your uncle.  He, at various times, performs in a giant ball, while walking upside down, riding a bike, and while wearing a suit of lights, among other things.  (The suit of light is featured above in Sledgehammer.)  He gives serious sounding speeches about things like playing music with apes.  (Lead in to Animal Nation.)  Although he clearly understands the absurdity up to a point, you are never sure that he completely gets it.  (Band members are crying while playing Animal Nation, yes the very same song about playing music with apes.)

That all being said, the music is fantastic.  Gabriel is a great songwriter with an incredible band.  The arrangements are exciting and inventive.  The playing is top-notch.  The range of emotions expressed runs the gamut.  I am a genuine fan of his and I keep waiting for him to put out a new album of original music.

If you are looking to watch a concert that is genuinely entertaining, this is one I can’t help but recommend.  In fact it is probably one of the most entertaining I have ever seen.  It’s absurd, ridiculous, artistic, comical, and beautiful all at the same time.

Introducing Morrissey Released On DVD

Introducing Morrissey, in my opinion the best Morrissey live concert caught on film, has finally released on DVD.  This is a clip of the controversial National Front Disco.  I picked it because this is where many of the stage invasions start, which are an essential part of any Morrissey concert.  By the way, the National Front Disco is actually a real place unfortunately and comically.  It can be read about in Bill Buford’s Among the Thugs.

Introducing Morrissey is a great live document for any fans of Morrissey and a great place to start for the uninitiated.  His band and set list are excellent here.

Where Does the Time Go?

Last night, at my show at Scholz Garten in Austin, I heard several people talking about Miley Cyrus.  I have seen several headlines concerning her at Huffington Post over the last few days.  I can connect the dots that she did something outrageous at the Video Music Awards.  However, exactly what she did has completely escaped me.  One of the benefits of not having cable is not having an overabundance of stupidity enforced upon you.  Things that might normally make my eyes bleed are now just minor occurrences off to the side of the stage.  I sort of know they are going on, but they are far away, as they should be, like an airplane across a cloudy sky.

I once read that Obama has a whole closet of almost identical outfits.  He does this to cut down on the amount of decisions that he has to make in any given day.  The more decisions that you make the less able you are to make decisions well later on in the day.  If you are the President you don’t want to be using too much of your brain power to pick out a tie.  You have far more important things on hand.

There is a lot of great television out there.  Breaking Bad, Mad Men, The Killing, Real Time With Bill Maher, The Colbert Report, Game of Thrones, and The Daily Show are just a few of the programs I have consumed over the course of the last year.  I watch them online, on Netflix, on DVD, or at a friend’s house.  I’m able to consume all of these great TV shows without ads and without getting sucked into mindless claptrap like Celebrity Ghost Stories.  Yeah, that’s a real show, and I’ve seen it when I was at a house with TV.  Sometimes it’s hard not to torture yourself.

I’m not saying I’m better than anyone else.  I have watched some of the stupidest shit known to man and enjoyed it.  But there are a whole host of other things I like to do, like read books and play musical instruments.  If suddenly I had the option to watch Survivor Midget Edition, I might not spend as much time doing these things.  If you enjoy cable then keep it.  Someday I too may want it again.  But if you find yourself descending down the rabbit hole too many times, and asking where your time has gone, cut the cord.  You will find some other way to fill the time, trust me.  I think I need to go save Princess Zelda again…