The World of Roxy Music

I was out on the road the last two days.  I had forgotten my iPod before leaving the house and had to borrow my brother’s at the last minute.  Combing through his records, I found myself living in the world of Roxy Music the entire time I was out.  I’ve long been a fan, but haven’t lived in their world for so many hours for quite some time.  The above video is from one of Roxy Music’s early masterpieces For Your Pleasure.  They were a truly unique bunch of mutants in their prime.  Really all of their eight studio albums are worth having, even if the quality dips a bit on Manifesto and Flesh + Blood.  The best bands all create their own cinematic world through sound, and Roxy Music created a world like no other.

Bryan Ferry’s Avonmore

Bryan Ferry has a new album out called Avonmore.   The album sounds like somewhere in between Roxy Music’s Avalon and his 80’s output, however it does feature enough modern touches to no be stuck in the past.  I have always liked Bryan Ferry, from his early Roxy Music days until now.  Although I don’t think anyone thinks Bryan Ferry sings as well as Bryan Ferry does, which is actually part of his charm, his voice has always been distinctive enough to be interesting to me as a listener. 

I know that there are some of you who probably view his music as too slick, but if you think of music as being visual it has the ability to create it’s own world.  I can’t help but think of some kind of futuristic film noir when I put one of his records on. His music would fit perfectly in the Alan Rudolph film Trouble in Mind.  Even his lesser songs have interesting textures and atmosphere.   He has consistently done his own thing outside of the trends of the day.  Even during the glam era, Roxy Music were much stranger than most of the competition.  Their album For Your Pleasure is a beautifully unique oddity. 

If you are someone that likes latter period Roxy Music, or his early solo career, then this album will please you.  He is still out there painting his own universe, for which I am grateful.