David Lynch’s Music Supervisor Giving Away New Solo Album

David Lynch’s Music Supervisor Giving Away New Solo Album

Dean Hurley, who has worked as a music supervisor for David Lynch, is giving away a new solo album.  The link above is to the article and if you click on the free download will give you a zip for the record which you can download to your iTunes.  The vocals are all old soul samples, while somehow the music is inspire by Hans Zimmer’s score for, wait a minute, Days of Thunder!  It sounds like a strange concept for sure, but I am willing to give it a try as I love his work with Lynch and also with singer Chrysta Bell.

U2 Gives Away New Album for Free


I’ve been dealing with a  couple personal issues.  In the meantime it has come to my attention that through Apple, U2 has given their new album to anyone that has an iTunes account.  It was announced yesterday, without warning, that this would be happening.  If you have an iTunes account just go to the purchased section in the main menu, and click on the cloud in the upper right hand corner of the new record, the record is called Songs of Innocence.  I’ve been listening all day, but I still haven’t heard it enough to write anything close to a review.  One will be forthcoming once I wrap my mind around the new record.