Pope Francis Condemns Corruption and Unbridled Capitalism

Pope Francis Condemns Corruption and Unbridled Capitalism

Pope Francis is truly a remarkable figure.  My favorite quote from the above Huffington Post article:

He urged politicians and business leaders “not to yield to an economic model which is idolatrous, which needs to sacrifice human lives on the altar of money and profit.”

I wish I had more to write, but I am somewhat speechless.  I’m extremely glad to see such a powerful figure speaking truth and standing up for human rights.  Statements like the above shouldn’t be surprising, it’s basic common sense, but unfortunately we live in a world where people all too often put money and profit above others.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. says record payday will provide too much to spend

Floyd Mayweather Jr. says record payday will provide too much to spend


When a boxer is making 200 million dollars for one fight, and people are paying $100,000 for tickets, something is wrong.  There is no kind of free market justification for that kind of gross excess.  Everyone only has one life.  When some starve while others drop $100,000 for a sporting event, it seems like it is time to take a hard look at the economic system we all live in.  This current one is absurd and grotesque.  

The Original Vision for Charter Schools

Charter Schools

The above is a link to another interesting New York Times article.  This one is about charter schools.  It is about the original vision for them, which was very teacher oriented, and how different that vision is now that the neocons and the free market have sunk their teeth into them.  I am someone that believes that our public schools and our teachers are two of our greatest treasures.  

Faster Than Comcast

Comcast’s worst nightmare: How Tennessee could save America’s Internet http://www.salon.com/2014/07/18/comcasts_worst_nightmare_how_tennessee_could_save_americas_internet_partner/ via @Salon

Great article about how public utilities are serving customers better than the telecommunications companies.  It shows both that public investments are sometimes better than private companies, and if big corporations lose they will abandon their free market principles faster than rats on a sinking ship. 

The Mutant Koch Brothers


The above link is to a Huffpo article about an upcoming book about the Koch brothers.  It is by Daniel Schulman and it is called Sons of Wichita: How the Koch Brothers Became America’s Most Powerful and Private Dynasty.  Apparently the Koch brothers, who are doing their best to ruin American democracy, are also complete emotional mutants as well.  No surprise there.  Why do we let such animals have so much power?  Here is an excerpt where their dad has them fight each other growing up:

In private, Fred Koch “ruled the house with an iron fist” and faith in social Darwinism. Schulman recounts how the former boxer encouraged his sons to fight each other, sometimes with horrifying results. “During one bout, Bill bashed his twin over the head with a polo mallet,” Schulman writes. And “David still bears a scar from the time Bill pierced him in the back with a ceremonial sword.” Those early lessons left a deep imprint on the brothers.

They also like to blackmail each other:

Schulman describes how Charles, unable to convince brother Frederick to sell his stake in Koch Industries, allegedly resorted to “a homosexual blackmail attempt to force Frederick to sell his shares.” And when the youngest twin, Bill, launched a bid to wrest control of Koch Industries from his older brothers, Charles’ legal team responded by releasing a dossier of opposition research on Bill, filled with sordid details of his personal life.

Who needs the fantasy of the Walking Dead when you have these freaks running amuck through our land.  Anyone that blackmails their brother or pierces someone with a ceremonial sword should be locked up.  Instead, they are running our country!

P.S.  If poor people acted like that they would crucify them!


Chemical Spills, Mining Disaters, and Mushroom Clouds

Many of you that come to this blog do not know me.  I went to school at West VirginiaUniversity in Morgantown for four years.  I am dating a girl is originally from West Virginia.  Because of this I have been paying attention to the chemical spill in WV. 

The scope of what happened and the reasons behind it are obscene.  However, in some ways it is not really a new story.  I live in Texas and often drive past West on the way to Dallas gigs.  Remember when the fertilizer plant in that town turned into a small mushroom cloud?  These stories are what happens when there is no competent regulation.  In West Virginia there had been no inspection since 1991.  In West there hadn’t been an inspection since 1985. 

Between 1905 and 1920 there were around 2,000 fatal accidents in the coal mining industry every year.  There are reasons that there were environmental and safety standards put into place during the 20th century.  These tragedies are straight out of the past. 

Hopefully sooner or later people will understand that although the government should be carefully watched, it and its regulations are there for a reason.  We need it to keep in check the bloodier and more destructive elements of capitalism.  These are the kind of problems that the free market does not fix.  We need markets to create growth, but we need a strong regulatory presence to keep the excesses of that market in check.  It’s a balancing act, but one that is very important.  Ever since the Reagan administration these protections have been under strong attack.  I hope we can learn from these events and once again relegate such obscene tragedies to the past, this time forever.