Secrets and Puzzles

In Fort Worth, headed to Lubbock today.   Spent the few days between shows canvassing in Austin.  When you walk a city’s streets it takes on forms and shapes that one does not encounter by car.  Garden gnomes,  concrete monkey statues, and abstract art mine the yards and porches.  Some houses are as clean as a hospital and some look like the Star Wars trash compactor.   Cats of all stripes and colors silently watch your every move.  Dogs that you can’t see bark at your presence.  A man that looks like he time traveled from the 50’s is grinding metal with sparks in the shadows.  A young woman tends a Japanese rock graden.  Each block, and sometimes home, is its own universe, governed by a different diety. 

What goes on in all those homes day and night? There are so many secret worlds that we don’t know about.  I was thinking of human beings as puzzle pieces.  In order to understand the truth of creation you would need the experience of every being that has ever lived.  Books and communication can give us some of the pieces we lack, but we will never have them all.  We remain fumbling in the darkness, with imperfect knowledge of the world as it really is.  Even when those rare treasured souls light a candle for us, giving us the ability to see slightly farther than normal, the light remains brief and dim.