Fight the Real Enemy


As Halloween approaches I am consistently reminded about what is really scary in life.  Freddy, Jason, zombies, vampires, ghosts, and the like, hold no more fear for the thinking adult.  Not when the likes of Ted Cruz is out there.  Someone like Jason functions on a kind of animal like instinct.  He’s predictable.  With Ted Cruz you never know what kind of frightening and illogical idiocy is next.

Fight the real enemy!

Spirits and Ruins

Staying in an old house in Bend, with history literally written on the walls.  Woke up this morning reading about a man named Lowell Jensen.  Lowell was insturmental in helping to build the Catholic school next door, which is now a hotel.  He also spied on the Ku Klux Klan, who were rallying against Catholics.  A local priest got involved and then eased tensions. 
As mentioned the Catholic school is no longer a school.  Lowell Jensen is no longer amongst us.
I like to imagine places as they once were.   I have seen ruins and I have seen catacombs filled with kings.  I have been to the Coliseum.  They used to fill it with water sometimes and have sea battles to the death. Last night in a bar I saw a picture of Bend as the small Western town it used to be.  They would races horses through the streets on Sunday. 
Whole worlds that are now just memories and ghosts surround us.  Sometimes I like let my mind wander and explore those places.  Sometimes when I am in the middle of a modern city, I imagine what people will think of our world when we are just memories.  Will we be fondly remembered?  Or will we look like primatives full of ignorance and superstitious ideas? 
Next time you are in someplace interesting, learn some history about it.  A place that is already interesting will suddenly be filled with a whole new dimension.  You will be able to walk with spirits amongst ruins.  Reality transfigured with a pinch of the divine.