The Greed of Beyonce

The other night in the hotel I caught part of Beyonce’s HBO special and ever since I have been trying to figure out why it was so vile.  It is true that is was style without substance, that it was music without musicians, that it featured politics of the shallowest kind, and that it was more Las Vegas show than concert.  But even none of these things really get to the core of why it was so awful. 

The part of the concert I saw was championing feminism.  But that was it’s explicit premise.  Implicitly it was really championing materialism of the worst kind.  If you believe in yourself you too can be rich and successful and this is the height of human achievement.  This was really nothing but Joel Osteen without pants. 

Earlier this year I saw Buffy Sainte-Marie.  She spoke about how the way we treat others, and not money, should be our defining purpose.  There was something not only powerful about her, but subversive as well.  You felt as if you were seeing a great spiritual warrior for good. 

Buffy Sainte-Marie was, once upon a time, blacklisted by President Johnson for her brave political stances.  Beyonce has been invited into all of the halls of power, even the White House,  because at the end of the day she rubber stamps the status quo. 

During the concert I saw there was a giant sign behind Beyonce that put up words pertaining to feminism.  Subliminally it was saying the same thing as Wall Street’s Gordon Gecko:  Greed is good. 

John Lydon On the Royal Family

Rest assured, there will always be poverty in Britain because the excesses of the royal family will keep people poor.  We pay tax for that shit.  We substantiate and perpetuate it when we don’t look after our own.  Our own is everyone – including the queen, Charles, Di, Fergie, and the lot.  But I fail to see how my tax pounds should give these fucks skiing holidays.   Why the fuck do we support monarchy?  Who on earth gave them the right to dictate terms to me about what is right and wrong other than the bastard murderers of their ancestors?  They give a sense of etiquette to the world and have a nice way of dealing with things, which I do admire.  I don’t admire the monetary upkeep this tradition costs, and I certainly don’t respect a system that dictates alienation by fault of birth.   There should be an English way for all of us, whether you come from a council flat or Buckingham Palace.   Why shouldn’t we all go to the same schools and treat each other with equal respect?  Why is there nonsense of one education for them and a lesser for the rest?  It creates the multi-tier systems and keeps civil wars brewing.  These are not things I want, and this is an unacceptable order to me.  It is the humiliation of one mass of human beings dictated by one tiny little amount.  Greed of the highest order.  Selfishness of the worst aspect.  – John Lydon

To my fellow Americans, before you feel high and mighty because we don’t have a monarchy, I believe you could change some words here and there and just as well be talking about our country.  If you need to ask which words then you need to use your imagination a little more. 

Bullshit Jobs

Here are two really interesting articles from Salon:

The first is about how we were supposed to get more leisure time as productivity rose, but we didn’t.  Instead we have become a country full of “bullshit jobs”.  I’ve worked a few of them!  Here is the article:

The other is about Henry Ford’s incredibly corrupt private security force:

Just remember that a lot of the things we’ve come to believe are really just made up mambo jahambo!