Ted Cruz Says Global Warming Alarmists the Equivalent of Flat-Earthers


Ted Cruz Says Global Warming Alarmists the Equivalent of Flat-Earthers

Wizard Ted Cruz says that global warming alarmists are the equivalent of flat-earthers.  It would be easy to get angry about this, except we already know Cruz is saying this to whip people like myself into a frenzy all while appealing to his know-nothing base.  I feel pretty confident that people like Ted Cruz, as harmful as they are, are the exact kind of people that are going to doom the modern Republican Party and its anti-science brigade to the history books.  I’m scared about what damage they can do on the way down, but there is no doubt that Ted Cruz and his ilk represent the last gasp of a dying order.  People become extreme and rabid when they feel something slipping away forever.  Ted Cruz, even though he is appealing to the hoopleheads*, really represents unfettered corporate power combined with religious zealotry.  Fortunately for us, in a democracy even such power needs a base to support it and that base is mostly old and white on and on the outs.  What’s scary though is that we are running out of time to stave off the worst impacts of climate change.  So while Ted Cruz and those he represents will not be with us for long, they just might be able to do enough damage to doom the rest of us and the descendants of the human race for a long time to come.  So while I don’t think we need to worry much about Ted Cruz, I think those of us that care need to fight his ideas at every turn.

*Hooplehead: a member of the ignorant masses; an uneducated commoner; an idiot. word popularized by HBO’s Deadwood.

Bergdahl: The End

This is my last post about the Bergdahl scandal, unless something crazy comes out, because I believe that this scandal is merely a ridiculous distraction.  In reading some internet comments, good lord I am stupid for doing so, I read somebody say that if President Bush did this we on the left would have wanted him impeached.  That is completely idiotic.  Why am I taking the time to respond to one random idiotic internet comment?  It’s because I believe that is what some of the hoopleheads on the right actually believe in theory.  That we simply hated Bush, and everything he did, because he was President Bush. 

When Bush came to power I was hoping for the best.  I remember thinking he had a reputation as a moderate.  It wasn’t until he sent thousands unnecessarily to their deaths in Iraq that I hated him.  He took a country that had the entire world’s sympathy after 911 and threw that all away.  I traveled a great deal during his presidency and even in allied countries like Britain they were appalled by U.S. actions.  Then came even further deregulations which eventually led up to our financial crisis.  (And yes I am well aware that President Clinton played a large part in setting the stage for them as well.)  Then there was his disgraceful handling of Hurricane Katrina.  And all of these things went down while there was sort of a shallow patriotism being thrown around where the only thing you had to do to be a patriot was to keep shopping.  Those were just some of the many things that Bush did that I didn’t like.  But that is my point; that Bush did actual things that I didn’t like and that I didn’t just dislike him because he had an R in front of his name. 

But when Bush did something good, and honestly I can’t remember much that he did that was good other than giving aid to Africa, I was honest enough with myself to admit that it was good.  It’s kind of like the pope.  I am not a religious person and most of my life I felt The Pope to have been a hindrance to progress around the world.  Pope Ratzinger was never well liked in these parts.  However, and I admit to not knowing enough to make a final decision, Pope Francis has said a lot of things that I believe might lead the world to possibly being a better more progressive place.  I understand the traditionally conservative nature of his position and that he can’t do everything at once, and that he may even be more conservative than I realize.  However, I don’t like or dislike a pope because they are the pope, but because of what they do.  I don’t like or dislike someone because they are a Republican politician, but because of what they are actually doing or not doing. 

Also The President, any President, makes decisions that can affect millions of lives.  No one in that position can do a perfect job.  This decision is not one of the bigger ones he has made.  If you want to get angry with Obama, as I said last night, get angry at him for our drone policy or the fact that his Justice Department has not done a good job of policing our markets.  But in this case one human is alive that may not have been if he hadn’t made the decision that he did, and that is a good thing, no matter who that human is. 

Scandals for the Hoopleheads

I just don’t understand the scandals the right wing is trying to use on Obama.  The Benghazi scandal and now the Bergdahl scandal just seem so obviously created to distract the hoopleheads.  (Hooplehead is a term in the show Deadwood to describe the ignorant easily influenced masses.  Honestly, and I say this as a former History and American Studies Major; watching Deadwood is one of the best ways to understand America that there is.)  Even just rereading over the Benghazi facts I had trouble understanding what the scandal was really over other than some people don’t like Obama.  If you have read as much about the CIA as I have it isn’t hard to imagine that our intelligence was confused for awhile.  Our intelligence community did not predict the fall of the Berlin Wall as one example.

Our last president started a war under false pretenses.  Where were these people then?  Why does Dick Cheney still get any face time in the media to push his bullshit ideas when he should be locked up as a war criminal?

If someone wants to get mad at Obama there are plenty of more deserving targets for their outrage.  Why don’t these people protest our drone programs or the fact that there aren’t any big league financial people sitting in jail after destroying our economy?  It is because these people don’t care about the truth, they just care about scoring points.  Let’s call this scandal for what it is; a death fart by a party that has no real solutions for America’s problems anymore.

Deadwood and The Tea Party

If you want to learn about America, but aren’t a big history reader, watch the show DeadwoodDeadwood is a western that is set in the lawless town of the same name.  The show is about how society goes from chaos to order, and the economic, political, and cultural forces that create that order.  It is also a highly entertaining TV show that features a tremendous amount of sex, violence, and swearing.  It’s brilliant however.  I always say that the language on that show is Shakespeare with cursing.

My brother Ben and I have watched the series countless times.  I recently walked in on him watching it again and caught one of my favorite scenes.  A government official is in town and he has angered the masses by invalidating some of their mining claims.  The ignorant masses on that show are called hoopleheads.  The hoopleheads decide that they are going to seek vigilante justice upon the government official.  The official is in a cage in a local saloon for his own protection and the hoopleheads, lead by a racist drunk named Steve, are threatening him.  The official says, “You can’t fuck me, I’m the future.”  To which Steve replies, “Fuck you and fuck the future!”

It made me think of the Tea Party.  I’ve always thought that the base of the Tea Party has a right to be angry.  They have just misdirected their anger.  In the show the government official is making his decisions to invalidate claims because he is backed by the super wealthy George Hearst.  Hearst wants the claims for himself.  He is using the weak government official, who would never make such a power play by himself, for his own purposes.  The hoopleheads are directing their anger at the government official, who is pathetic and dislikable, but they should be banding together to take on Hearst.  Hearst turns out to be far more dangerous and detrimental to the town than any government official could be.

As careers disappear and livelihoods go up in smoke, the base of the Tea Party has every right to be angry.  However, their anger at the government is misdirected.  The government, even at its worst, is only as bad as it is because it has been corrupted by large corporations.  They are aiding, probably without knowing it, the further degrading of the government and the rise of corporate power.  It is in corporations’ interests to have the government become as weak as possible.  That way the government won’t pass those pesky regulations.  A strong government, with strong regulatory power, even as imperfect as it might be at times, is the only chance we have of using the force of law to stop these corporations from ruining lives.  They are the ones that are moving jobs overseas, poisoning the environment, ramping up the military industrial complex, and degrading our school systems.  Anger is a powerful thing.  How do we redirect it?