Pop Music by Committee

Imagine Dragons Groan Their Way Into the Speakers of Your Dentist’s Office

The above article about the Imagine Dragons made me laugh.  I believe it was Morrissey who asked if all commercial radio stations were playing the same song.  It sure seems like it.  This article not only points out what is wrong with this particular band, but why pop music in general is so bland and forgettable.  A sample:

Okay, the A&R guy would say, excitedly brushing his gel-soaked comb over back into place, sweat pooling in the deep furrows of his spray tanned forehead.  “We need an undercurrent of Coldplay and hip hop, but mix it up with EDM and Autotune, and get some ‘80s synth effects in there. I want handclaps and echo! Drench it with reverb! And make sure it will play well during an NFL game.”

The rest is history. That is, if anybody will ever remember it.

To their credit, that the band has a style a listener can immediately identify is a monumental feat in today’s mostly flat and beige pop music landscape. They should be commended for it.

Unfortunately, that “sound” reads like a greatest hits collection of “things that are or have been trendy” mashed together into a ProTools casserole of “shit the kids will buy if we play it enough on the radio.”

I would much rather spend my time championing things that I believe deserve attention, as most of you that read along will notice.  However, it is also important at times to point out how and why things in our culture are meaningless.