News of a Iranian Deal Good News For the Sane and Peaceful

I’m going to be reading closely the details of the Iranian deal over the next few days.  Based on what I’ve read so far I think this is a major victory for peace.  I am hoping the far right of our country and Israel won’t be able to derail it somehow.  The thing is, this even benefits them, as a more peaceful world is to everyone’s benefit, aside from war profiteers.  Unfortunately I believe there are some in both those camps that are exactly that.  But for all sane people, although there is still a way to go, there is a reason to feel hopeful.

Netanyahu Rival Widens Lead in Israeli Election

Netanyahu Rival Widens Lead in Israeli Election

The above headline says it all.  I am just reading about this for the first time.  This is great news indeed.  Hopefully the power-hungry Netanyahu has finally overstepped his bounds with his recent foray into U.S. politics.  Anyone that hopes for peace in the Middle East should greet this news with joy.  I’ll be stroking my lucky rabbit foot hoping that Netanyahu’s ill fortune continues!

Netanyahu Speaks to Congress


Salon On Netanyahu Speech

Above is Salon’s take on Netanyahu’s speech to Congress today.  Although I tend to agree with them, my point today isn’t really to focus on this one write up.  At the end of the day it is one write up and you should be reading a bunch of them, mixing and matching, and trying to come to your own conclusion.  However, this is an event that you should be reading about.  A foreign head of state is trying to sway US policy.  This is highly unprecedented in the fact that this head of state actually spoke directly to our congress to try and change our policy.

I have long viewed Netanyahu as a thug and a bully whose intentions do not run in accord with the best intentions of our country.  Nor do I think that his intentions have long term Middle East peace at the heart of them.  I think he is someone that is about self-serving political and military power above all else.

But don’t take my word for it.  Read, read, and read some more.

Netenyahu Intelligence Proved False

Netenyahu Intelligence Proved False

The above link is to a Guardian article that states that the intelligence that Benjamin Netenyahu used to say Iran was a year away from a nuclear bomb was false. 

Look it is not as if I have any special information on this subject.  However, if you examine enough articles about Netenyahu over time, one can’t help but feel he is a bad actor on the world stage.  Israel’s policy under him is not only highly questionable, but it is a fact that he is trying to influence U.S. politics as well.  The sooner he is discredited, the better. 

White House Israel Relations at a New Low

White House Israel Relations at a New Low

Above is a New York Times article about how the relationship between the White House and Israel is at a new low due to the actions of Benjamin Netanyahu and the GOP.  Normally anytime I typed the words “new low” it would be along the lines of something negative, but I think in this case it is a good thing.  Isreal’s treatment of the Palestinians under Netanyahu is atrocious.  The way that Israel and APAC have tried to influence U.S. politics is atrocious.  If we ever want to see peace in the Middle East Netanyahu and his fellow rightwing politicians need to be marginalized.

Netanyahu and the Israeli Right Overplay Their Hand


The Best of the Dish Today

While over at The Dish reading their best of for yesterday, I was quite happy to read about how Benjamin Netanyahu, the GOP, and the Israeli right, have overplayed their hand concerning the political talks going on with Iran.  I have long seen the Israeli right as being an immoral force in politics.  The only difference between Netanyahu and a thug is that he has some political power behind him.  If we are ever going to navigate the murky political waters of the Middle East, we need to isolate him and what he represents.

Bibi the Thug

Watching Benjamin Netanyahu on TV right now.  I despise that man.  I wish we would tell Israel we won’t give them one dime until they get rid of that crooked war monger.  He is as much an impediment to peace as anyone else.  He is a thug and not to be trusted.  We talk about our interests in this country all the time, that we must do what we can to protect our way of life.  As long as someone like him is in control of Israel, and we support them, we are doing damage to our interests and endangering our way of life.