Journalist Sentenced to Die For Insulting Muhammad

Journalist Sentenced to Death for Insulting the Prophet Muhammad

As much as I lament the current state of U.S. politics and culture, I am always aware that compared to a great deal of the world, that we have it quite good here.  In a West African country called Mauritania, a country I have never even heard of before and that sounds like a fictional country in a Arnold Schwarzenegger movie (Val Verde!), a journalist is being sentenced to death for “insulting” the Prophet Muhammad, although last time I checked it was impossible to insult someone that wasn’t alive to be insulted.  I hope the sentence is not the end result.  I looked for a petition online or something, but I couldn’t find one.  This is religious insanity at its pinnacle.

It’s a shame that in other countries journalists often have to risk their lives to tell the truth, where here journalists regularly censure themselves by choice.  Although, one should always note the difference between a journalist and a Ken or Barbie doll reading a teleprompter.