Most Liberal and Most Conservative Cities

Most Liberal and Most Conservative Cities

As someone that travels a lot I was interested to read the above list.  The two cities that surprised me the most on this list, as I have been to both, are Tulsa, for being as conservative as it is, and Washington D.C, for being listed as more liberal than a place like Seattle.  Although Oklahoma is no doubt conservative, Tulsa is the one place I have been to in that state that feels like it bucks that trend.  Also having witnessed the cultures of both D.C. and Seattle, I was surprised, as the above article suggested, that D.C. was listed higher as Seattle.  The above link provides a link, the list, and pictures over at Forbes.  The Economist is actually who devised the list and their research is here.

Conservatives Grudgingly Praise Warren, Pelosi For Opposing ‘Wall Street Giveaway’

Conservatives Grudgingly Praise Warren, Pelosi For Opposing ‘Wall Street Giveaway’

Even if they only picked off a couple, this is exactly the kind of thing Democrats need to be doing.  They need to be using populist language.  Even more so they need to be trying to past populist legislation and instill their words with true integrity and meaning.  Thank heavens Elizabeth Warren is speaking out. 

Guns, Guns, Guns

I have plenty of friends that own what could be best described as “arsenals”.  Although I’m very liberal in most of my political beliefs I can’t say I’ve ever felt very strongly one way or the other over guns.  I don’t own a gun, although I’ve fired them at targets and at skeet.  It’s not that I don’t see problems with certain aspects of American culture concerning guns; it’s just that it has always been way down the totem pole on my list of priorities.  I’m much more interested in issues concerning poverty, healthcare, the environment, and the military industrial complex. 

     I’d rather let someone else that is much more passionate and informed about gun control make the case for it.  I do think that there are weapons that don’t belong in the hands of the general public.  If all guns disappeared tomorrow I sure wouldn’t miss them.  Again though, I think there are those far better suited to make the nuanced case for sensible gun control than me. 

     However, one particular argument really makes zero sense to me.  It’s the argument concerning protecting your home from the government.  It’s the whole militia mentality.  Look, at this point in time, if the government wants to take you out, there is no kind of machine gun that you can keep in your basement that is going to stop them.  Let’s, for the sake of argument, say that some kind of localized rebellion started.  You are barricaded in your house with your high powered assault rifle.  The government would simply fly a drone over your house, or ride up in a tank, and turn your dwelling into a giant crater.  You and your loved ones, if there was anything left to find, would be scraped up with a spatula.  It would probably be hard to tell who was who.  You and everything you own and everything you love would be eviscerated in a giant fireball.  Better luck next time!

     So I don’t want to hear the argument that owning guns is to keep people free.  The technological ship on guns being able to do that has sailed.  I think there are too many rights being infringed upon too, though I may differ with right wing Americans over what those are.  There are too many people in prison.  The government should stay out of your private life as a general rule, so long as you are not hurting others.  The only thing we can do if we don’t agree with what is going on in this country is to get informed, get organized, let our voices be heard, vote when we can, protest when we can, and contribute what money we can to organizations that are doing work we believe in.  If it ever comes down to guns having to keep you free, cremation will be done on taxpayer dollar.