The Only Lasting Sin

I don’t think they hate Mexicans
Because they have darker skin
I think they hate them because they are poor
If Mexicans drove across the border
In European sports cars
While dressed in Brioni suits
They would probably kiss them
On the mouth
Sure there would be a some holdouts
A few dumb white mutants
With mixed up ideas
But the only lasting sin in this country
Is being broke

Austin 7/29/14

Old White Person Death Rattle

I describe the latest outburst of the GOP, the possible government shutdown, but really all of their recent insanity, as the “old white person death rattle.”  Basically the world is changing.  It is changing for the better and for the worse.  It is changing for the better in that more people are being welcome to the party.  People of different races and sexual orientation are now included at the table in ways in which they weren’t in the past. It is changing for the worse as the gap between the rich and poor is widening in this country. 

For sake of argument let’s simplify and say that there are two kinds of old white people.  There are rich ones and poor ones.  The rich ones want everything they already have and want more.  They don’t want anyone challenging their right to take, take, take.  They are the ones that control things like Fox News and Wall Street.  The other kind are the ones that are losing ground.  Their jobs and pensions are disappearing.  They also see the culture changing in ways that can’t understand.  They are freaking the fuck out.  The ones in power are fanning the flames and using the ones that are losing ground to achieve their means.  “Hey don’t blame us because the pie is shrinking”, said the rich white people.  “Blame the blacks and the Mexicans and the gays.” 

The world that these old white people grew up in is forever gone, or at least it soon will be.  Their world and culture is in its death throes.  Be afraid.  People are dangerous and stupid when they are clinging to the end.  This may be a somewhat simplified fable of what is really going on.  But I don’t believe I’m far off.