Floyd Mayweather Jr. says record payday will provide too much to spend

Floyd Mayweather Jr. says record payday will provide too much to spend


When a boxer is making 200 million dollars for one fight, and people are paying $100,000 for tickets, something is wrong.  There is no kind of free market justification for that kind of gross excess.  Everyone only has one life.  When some starve while others drop $100,000 for a sporting event, it seems like it is time to take a hard look at the economic system we all live in.  This current one is absurd and grotesque.  

Jim Inhofe In Line For Top Environmental Job (Not a Joke!)


Inhofe In Line For Top Senate Environmental Job

Big Oil servant and climate denier Jim Inhofe is now in line for the nations top environmental job thanks to the midterm elections.  I know the words environmental job and Jim Inhofe being put together seems like a joke, but it is not!  You can read an article about it at the link above.  If this isn’t scary, as now is a crucial time in our history to get our response to climate change right, I don’t know what is.

I need to start getting ready to go on the road.  I am going to try to get some more posts up later today, but it just depends on if I have time and service.  I’ll be playing with Shinyribs tonight and tomorrow.  Tonight is is McKinney and tomorrow is in Huffman.  For details go to:


I hate to be possibly leaving you for the weekend on such a bummer.  However, those of us that care about the environment need to find a way to contribute now more than ever.  Perhaps it is best to stew on such things for a couple days.

Hey Don’t the Wars Come Easy, Hey Don’t the Peace Come Hard

Love junkies wanna change the world:
It quickly stays the same
Money junkies hire all the smart ones
Power junkies run the game

One step at a time
Polarity Hill
If the bad guys don’t get you, baby
Then the good guys will
With angels on the take
And the gangsters in the yard
Hey don’t the wars come easy
Hey don’t the peace come hard

– Excerpt from the song The Big Ones Get Away by Buffy Sainte-Marie.

Ever since the election I’ve wanted to bite someone’s throat out like a werewolf.  That is, until tonight.  I was listening to the great Buffy Sainte-Marie and those last two lines struck me.  Buffy Sainte-Marie is a singer who politically is also the real deal.  She was blacklisted personally by President Johnson.  She was an activist that put herself on the line numerous times.  When she sings the lines, “Hey don’t the wars come easy, hey don’t the peace come hard”, she knows what she is talking about.

I played a festival in Canada this year where I got to see Buffy Sainte-Marie perform.  She talked about how not enough people were saying how we treat each other is what’s important, and not the almighty dollar.  Such a simple message, but something we can’t seem to learn in America.

I worked hard to try to get Prop 1 passed here in Austin.  Prop 1 was a bill that was going to put in the first stage of urban rail in Austin and it also included road projects.  When I was canvassing I mostly talked to Democrats.  When I went into the more middle class and working class neighborhoods people seemed to get that this would help make the city a better, more livable place.  The richer the neighborhoods, the more people seemed to claim that we couldn’t afford it.  This was going to raise taxes a total of about $20 a month, and this was not even going to take full effect until 2020.  The price of four beers a month turned people off to doing something that was not only going to make the city better, but was also good for the environment.  And it seemed to be those that could most afford it that were the most against it.

The state of Texas elected Dan Patrick, a former conservative radio host, who makes Sean Hannity look like a Rhodes Scholar, as our new Lieutenant Governor.  That position actually holds power in the state of Texas.

The country as a whole seemed to vote for the most insane politicians possible, at a time when, especially environmentally, we can least afford it.  The oil and the gas industries won big, when we need to be electing people that will help us end our dangerous addiction to fossil fuels.  Women and gays are under attack through proposed policies.  Minorities and poor people are under attack at the polling stations.  I had to show an ID to vote in Texas, a move that some estimate might have disenfranchised 600,000 Texans.

The old, the white, and the scared showed up in large numbers, while the young, who have the most to lose, stayed home.  It’s discouraging that people that should know better allowed themselves to be duped, while those that need to know better were so apathetic.  All around no one comes out of this clean, for different reasons.

However, the one of my pet peeves is those that say there is no difference in politicians.  There is an ancient ocean of difference between Sarah Palin and Elizabeth Warren, for one example.  Those that have become so cynical that they are blind to that, I will never understand.

The thing is, even those that voted the opposite of what I believe they should have, are people that I think should be included in the dream.  I don’t want anyone to go without healthcare.  I don’t want anyone to go to a war that is senseless.  I don’t want anyone thrown in jail that doesn’t deserve it.  I wish these people could see that the things that we liberals want don’t just benefit us.

Meanwhile there seems to be nonstop attacks on those most vulnerable.  Why is there so much hatred for immigrants or homosexuals?  The lizard brain is running wild right now.  But at the center of all this are people that value money over other human beings.  And they know how to get those lizard brains in motion.

This week was a huge setback for this country, and because of our power, for the world.  But as Buffy sings:

Hey don’t the wars come easy
Hey don’t the peace come hard

 We on the left must dust ourselves off and get motivated.  There is a dark train coming down the tracks.  I don’t blame anyone for being depressed or discouraged.  Christ, I am.  But to do nothing is to give in to despair and desolation.  There is only two years until the next election.  Not that much time, but enough to get reorganized and hungry again.

Last time our people showed up to vote it led to 10,000,000 people getting healthcare that didn’t have it, to gays being allowed to serve openly in the military, and to the first Latino on the Supreme Court.  That is real and meaningful change.  I benefited from the healthcare law, but I’m a white male that likes girls.  I was happy to see people that were different than me realize their dreams.  in this interconnected world it has to be about more than your own tribe.  We sink or swim together.  There is water in the boat, but we haven’t drowned yet…

Epilepsy and Fear

Recently I was diagnosed with epilepsy.  I only told close family and friends, people who were already aware of what I was dealing with in some way.  Why did I only tell a couple people and why am I now writing about it openly?

First of all I hate playing 20 questions.  I would find it really tiresome if everywhere I went people asked me how I was doing and how was I dealing with it, when truthfully I don’t even think about it that much.  I also am not a fan of small talk, and I know that it would just end up being a topic of discussion with some people, that weren’t really that emotionally involved in my life, just to pass the time.  If you don’t have anything interesting to say, then silence is the best policy as far as I’m concerned.

Second I feel that there is an overabundance of sharing in modern life.  I write a lot and you will get small glimpses into my life through this writing.  But overall you have no idea what I’m up to on a daily basis.  You don’t know what I’m eating for breakfast, who I’m meeting in the afternoon, etc.  I only like to use my life as a jumping off point for bigger topics, and not as a topic in and of itself.

Really the only difference it has made in my life is that I have to take two more pills each day and that I can’t drink like I used to.  I was actually relieved when I got the diagnosis, because it allowed me to deal with it.  The last few years I have had a couple seizures and I didn’t know what caused them.  It’s way better to know why something is happening and to be able to deal with it than living in a state of ignorance.  Usually they happened after a night of heavy drinking when I went on a long walk or something the next day.  Was it caused by allergy medicine I was taking, drinking too much, dehydration, etc.  You try to get the balance right and it happens again and then you are like what the fuck?  Nothing came up in all of the early tests that I had.  So again, it was actually a relief to find out what it was, as epilepsy is something that can be cured over several years of treatment.

So why am I writing about it now?  Because I believe in this life we must battle to kill off fear.  We must learn to not care if we are accepted by those whose acceptance is meaningless.  We should not care if we are judged for things that are beyond our control.  When we are faced with a new challenge we must learn to face it head on.  I wrote before that I don’t care if people talk behind my back as long as I’m not aware of it, and I really don’t.  Epilepsy was once something that faced a stigma.  Although that stigma is mostly gone I’m sure it is still out there in lesser minds.  If people judge you for how much money you make, or a malady you may have, or how you look, or whatever, that is on them.  Don’t let people that are weak minded influence you to be likewise.  Unless you are dead or a confident beautiful looking billionaire, there are people who have it worse than you and those that have it better.

What I am dealing with now isn’t a big deal and will not be mentioned again on here.  It’s just another speed bump on the road of life.  Life’s like that, isn’t it?

Misplaced Passion

Reading Henry Rollins’s Get In the Van in our tour van.  I feel like I am looking in one of those endless mirrors where you see a reflection of a reflection and so on.  Not that I am experiencing any of the insanity that was part of those times, but perhaps reading a book about touring in a van while touring in a van wasn’t the best move. 

I have been obsessed with Black Flag though lately.  Once I dive into something I want to know everything there is to know about it.  I can’t help myself.  I dive into a world until I exhaust it and then I move on for awhile.  That is why on this blog you will see a bunch of posts about a topic and then a week later I’ll move onto a new set of topics. 

This blog is sort of a catalog of my obsessions.  I only hope that there are enough people that share my obsessions and/or I can find an angle that makes them interesting to others for a few minutes. 

There is so much great art out there.  How could anyone be bored?  Jail or lines are the only places I have ever found boring.  If you give me my ipod and access to books the days just melt away for me.  I feel sorry for people that have no passions or have passion and no outlet for it. 

I think in the modern world there is a lot of misplaced passion.  We are told by the television to have passion for money or items or religion. 

Past the pub that wrecks your body
And the church – all they want is your money
The Queen is dead, boys
And it’s so lonely on a limb

The Anti-Immigrant Industrial Complex

Often you can feel something is wrong before you know that it is.  You hear about our prison industrial complex but it doesn’t completely register, unless you are one of the unfortunate poor caught in it, until you really read in depth what is going on.  I was arrested once for a DUI and thrown in jail for 24 hours after passing my breathalyzer!  Apparently this is just day to day bullshit that African Americans and Latino immigrants put up with.  Anyone that wants to know the cruel injustice that is a part of day to day American life for many should read Matt Taibbi’s book The Divide.   As with most things in this country the problem can be traced back to greed.  There is one company called, I shit you not, Corrections Corporation of America.  Here is a just a little piece of Taibbi’s book on this corporation, that makes its money off of detaining immigrants:

The big influx of cash impressed investors on Wall Street.  Back in 2000, when the federal government began housing immigrant detainees in mostly privately run prisons, CCA’s share price hovered around a dollar.  today, as I write this in the summer of 2013, CCA’s share price is $34.34.  It was at $23 just two years ago.  The company’s revenues went from just around $300 million in 2000 to an astonishing $1.7 billion in 2011.  Overall, the corrections industry is one of the soundest stock/equity bets in the world, with soaring revenues – the industry as a whole pulled in more than $5 billion in America in 2011.  

The jailing-Hispanics business is the perfect mix of politics and profit.  Companies like CCA donate generously to politicians everywhere, particularly at the state level.  The firm has spent as much as $3.4 million lobbying in a single year and on average spends between $1 million and $2 million a year.  Its lobbyists are everywhere, and in every major anti-immigrant bill, you can usually find a current or former CCA lobbyist lurking in the weeds somewhere.  Arizona governor Jan Brewer, for instance, had two ex-CCA lobbyists on her staff helping write the legislation when she pushed through her notorious 1070 law, which essentially legalized racial profiling in the cause of catching illegal immigrants.  

Most of the time when the press talks about illegal immigration it is an abstraction.  We might even feel for people that are ripped apart from their families, but we have no clue what their experience is really like.  Apparently a good many of the people that we deport, especially ones that have families in the U.S., are kidnapped in Mexico and held for ransom until their families can pay that ransom.  Once they are captured by law enforcement in our country, unlike violent criminals that are citizens, they have absolutely no rights.  Often after being treated like animals here they are exploited again once they cross the border.

If you have a strong stomach, read Taibbi’s book.  Even though they entered our country illegally, you will find yourself sick at how we treat our fellow human beings.  Why can’t people see that everyone only has one life?  A flag and an imaginary border should not allow us to strip other people of their dignity.