The Smiths – 10 of the Best


The Smiths – 10 of the Best

Here is an interesting article on the Smiths if you are aware of them, but not really familiar with their stuff.  I am a super fan and I even found it an interesting read.  I by no means agree with everything the author says (I think the author’s constant use of the word teenager around Morrissey’s lyrics, however complimentary at times, is ill-informed), but he at least seem as if he has decent knowledge of the material and an idea of what made them so special.  The writer is also able to grab the musical side of the Smith’s better than most music journalists do.


Random Thoughts On Music Journalism, Politics, Ceder Fever, Television, and Greg Abbot’s Evil Face

I spent most of the morning working on interview questions for an interview that is coming up with one of my favorite bands.  I got burned once before by Kristeen Young, who committed to an interview and then vanished off of the face of planet earth, so I don’t like to announce things until they happen now.  To be fair to her it was right during the time that she was fired off of a major tour, so perhaps her world turned upside down.  I don’t pretend that doing interviews with this blog is a thing of major importance.   However, it is something that I would like to do in the future, to pay tribute to people that I respect, and learn more about them.  I feel that music journalism has gotten incredibly lazy, and it is so rare that I read an interview that goes into any kind of depth about the thing that most interests me, which is the actual music.

It is Ceder Fever time in Austin, Texas.  For those of you that are not familiar with that phenomenon, imagine if trees started pumping out Nyquil into the air in gigantic toxic amounts.  Nature hates our shit right now and everyone I know that is affected is hunkered down trying to escape it, though it is always a losing battle.   My dog is giving me the hairy eyeball for not taking her on any long walks recently.  If output is a little slow, trust me, walking across the room is a herculean task at the moment.  I have never done cocaine, but if it was presented to me at this moment on my kitchen table, I would huff it down in a heartbeat for energy.

As it gets closer to the changing of the guards in the political world, I am astounded at the amount of stories already showcasing the idiocy that is coming our way, both nationally and here in the state of Texas.  I shouldn’t be, I knew we were doomed, but I at least hoped the shitstorm would not start until the actual process of governing started.  Governor-elect Greg Abbot is a particularly evil fucker, and the sight of his face alone makes me want to develop a reality escaping drug habit for the term of his reign.

The Netflix show Peaky Blinders has been extremely entertaining so far.  I’m into season two already and I was surprised when Tom Hardy, one of the best actors around now, popped up for several scene stealing moments.  He knows how to punch through the mask to the world of insanity.  I want to finish this season before I comment on the show’s overall merits.  Visually the show is an absolute marvel.  If I had any criticism at this point it would be that the soundtrack bothers me on occasion.  There are are also moments of coincidence, that while not annoying, distract a little bit from the show.  It does seem as if they are done to move the plot along at a quicker pace, and aside from that the writing is really great.

That is all for now.  More to come…