Nationalism On the Rise In Europe


Nationalism On the Rise In Europe

The above link is an interesting article about the rise of nationalism in Europe.  There is no doubt that the murders in France, and other acts of violence by Muslims, have helped give nationalism a footing.  However, it also goes into detail about how certain conservative economic policies, that are hurting the working class and poor, are also helping to bring about this change.

Thoughts On French Attacks

I’ve been paying attention to the horrible tragedy in France.  I have been to France several times have had many great memories there.  My last trip there, to Paris and La Rochelle, was especially meaningful to me.  The best thing about the French seems to be their zest for life combined with a deep need for meaningful culture.  So to see this culture attacked, especially when being committed by those those at the opposite end of the cultural spectrum, is completely senseless.  I have trouble, even now, even coming up with words to describe what has happened.  On one hand you have French culture, a culture that searches for the truth wherever it may be, is expansive in ideas, and is filled with the vibrancy of life.  Then you have Radical Islam which is dogmatic, close minded, and death obsessed.  It is clear to me which culture is worth preserving.

France has a much higher Muslim percentage than the US.  The majority of Muslims live in peace side by side with their French neighbors.  In Paris I often saw Muslims integrated in society in ways that seemed hopeful.  France also never made one feel like they were entering a police state at the airports the way the US does.  I hope that the French will retain their zest for life and their openness to the new in the face of this attack.