Rihanna and I’m Gonna Git You Sucka

Ever since I got interested in the work of Kanye West, I have been paying attention to projects he worked on.  Earlier this week I listened to the new Rihanna single Bitch Better Have My Money.  I’m on the fence about it, but part of the problem is that I can’t take it too seriously.  (Not that it’s necessarily meant to be taken seriously.  The deep voice at the end gives you the sense that they were laughing while making it.)  Whenever I hear it I remember the above scene from the blaxploitation parody I’m Gonna Git You Sucka.

Add on:  I don’t like the snarky way in which so much work is disregarded on the internet.  However, when you title a song as ridiculous as the new Rihanna single, with the movie scene up above out there, it might be fair game.  I feel on the fence about it for the following reasons.  Unlike a lot of modern pop, if you listen to the song on headphones it actually sounds like a human singing, despite there being some doubling and vocal effects.  That is net positive.  I like the idea of the song flipping the script on the word bitch, when sung by a female.  It’s pretty clear that she is singing about a male.  But the lyrics also dabble in a kind of throw away consumerism that is troubling in modern pop music.  The melody is also average.  However, one other thing that I do like about it is the fact that the arrangement is not overtly complicated.  Although it is synthetic, like a lot of modern pop, which doesn’t bother me in and of itself, there is space allowed into the sound.  It’s not so dense and compressed that it the music sounds indistinguishable from everything else that is out there.