New York City Police Boo Mayor

New York City Police Boo Mayor

I just touched upon the subject of the, as of late, childish behavior of the New York City Police:

Police Turn Their Back On NYC Mayor

I pretty much said what needed to be said there.  I basically just want to catalog what is going on.  I want to point out that this kind of behavior by police is actually why so many people dislike and distrust these officers, people that should be a valued part of the community.

They say, ‘To protect and to serve’
But what they really mean to say is
Get back to the ghetto, the ghetto
Get yourself back to the ghetto

– Lyrics from the song Ganglord by Morrissey.

I hope there is a day when lyrics like these no longer ring true.  Maybe the police will eventually see so much backlash and ill will towards their current behavior that they will have to be reformed.  It is currently looking like it might have to be from outside forces.  Wouldn’t it be so much better for everyone involved if they took it upon themselves to make the necessary changes?