Obamacare is Barely Denting Corporate Profits

Obamacare is Barely Denting Corporate Profits

Bloomberg Business News is reporting that Obamacare is not causing any harm to business the way its opponents stated.  The article is worth reading in full to get all the details.  This article basically means that some of the main talking points Obamacare opponents tried to use to make people fearful of the law, have had a giant shit taken on them.

W.A.R. (White Anglo-Saxon Republicans) What are They Good For?

Ever since the election I have been trying to think of one thing that Republicans do that is positive.  I am talking about the leaders and not about those that are in the party.  I grew up with Republicans, I have had Republican friends at all times in my life, and I know that many of them are kind, generous, fun people.

But most of the people that I am friends with would be moderate Republicans.  These are not the kind of Republicans that just won election.  Most moderate Republicans have been drummed out of positions of power.

I am dead serious.  I want any of you that are Republicans to email me positive policy positions that the Republicans have.  Things that you don’t agree with, but you think they would do better than Obama don’t count.  You also can’t say anything like I think they would be better at foreign policy because they would fight war more effectively.  I’m talking about things that would be put in place that would make the lives of everyday people better.

Most of the things I have heard during the election are things that would make someone’s life worse.  There seems to be anti-whatever in front of all of the Republican’s big issues.  They are anti-immigrant, anti-gay, anti-women, anti-environmental regulation, anti-affordable healthcare, etc.  I know that they want to take away women’s right to choose, immigrant rights in anyway possible, gay people’s right to marry, allow fossil fuel companies to operate with less restrictions, repeal Obamacare.  I don’t see how anyone but the extremely rich benefit from any of these ideas.

Those in the right that are in power seem to be either free-market utopians or the religiously insane.  Those in power are not conservatives with a small c.  So please, I really want to know.  What do those in power in this party stand for other than making sure that rich white people hold onto their money?  What are the leaders of this party good for?

Unless someone can make me aware of something that I’m not, I can’t help but feel that the answer is the same as to war in the Edwin Starr song:  Absolutely nothing!

Signing up for Obamacare

I signed up for healthcare through the Affordable Care Act website.  It was an extremely easy process and affordable as well.  I was actually amazed at how easy the website was to navigate.  I was also amazed that I could get decent care for an affordable cost.  What’s not to like?  Sure, there are definitely ways that we could still make healthcare better in this country, but this is a vast improvement over the past. 

Repbulican Governors Take Health Care From the Poor


I think the above story is worth glancing over.  It’s about how the Supreme Court and some Republican politicians have made Obamacare less effective.  In short the Supreme Court let states opt out of the Affordable Care Act.  Now the states that opted out, states with Republican govenors like Rick Scott of Florida and Rick Perry of Texas, have gaps in coverage for people with certain income levels.  It’s disgusting really, but no surprise.  

Santorum Compares Obamacare to Apartheid


When I read the article above in my head a long fuuuuuccckkk was uttered.  Kind of like Goofy’s “yahoo”, but a swear word. (You can hear Goofy’s sound at: http://www.hark.com/clips/kmfzpwvtjk-goofy) And then the image of a mushroom cloud crossed my mind.

Add that to an article I read yesterday where Ted Cruz praised The American Legislative Exchange council and I completely understand the Smith’s line, “It takes strength to be gentle and kind.”

Who is still following these people?  Who nods their head in agreement when such ignorance is let loose?  Are the people that speak this nonsense cynics playing to the peanut gallery or true believers of the most senseless kind?  Are they just saying these things to kill someone like me off with an aneurism?

Yesterday I was hanging out with a friend when the new version of Let’s Make a Deal came on.  A soul singing Wayne Brady serenaded an older woman while she went down on a cupcake like it was somebody’s dong.  I am convinced people will believe or do anything.  Anything!!!

I try to be hopeful.  I really do.  But then the world intercedes.

Hat tip to my brother for sending the Santorum article my way.  

Being Sick in Japan

I was sick in Japan, very sick.  I had strep throat which is bad enough in itself, but it also made my allergy problems that I suffer greatly from ten times worse.   I don’t need to go into disgusting detail, but I was basically in a hellzone.  Not wanting to miss much, I was walking around and site seeing 12 to 14 hours a day while feeling like complete shit.  If I had been at home I would have been flat on my back.

Finally it got too much to bear and I had to see a doctor.  My family, and especially my Mom, helped me locate one and find the help that I needed.  Also, luckily for me the Japanese medical system is amazing.  I was able to go see two different doctors and receive seven different medicines for less than $100.  As a foreigner with no in country medical insurance, I found this to be amazing.  And it should be noted that both trips to the doctors had me in and out in about 40 minutes without an appointment!

This was one of several experiences over there that made me laugh in the face of the term American Exceptionalism.  There are many fools that claim that we do everything better and have it better than anywhere else in the world.  Wrong!  That’s not to say that there aren’t certain benefits of being an American and that there aren’t certain things that we might do better.  However, to make a blanket statement that we are the best at everything is comical at best.  Just the Japanese alone have a better medical system, at least if you have no insurance, and also have much better public transportation than we do.

Being sick is a curse in more ways than one.  There is small chance of enlightenment when you are trapped in the physicality of a body that isn’t working properly.  I am someone that has always struggled with patience and a temper.  I have worked on it tremendously throughout the years, however, in being sick and not being allowed to get rest, most of my hard work went right out the window!  Not only was I miserable physically, but I made life hell for those around me.  I couldn’t see any farther than the extreme pain that I was in.  There might be those that have terminal diseases and long term illnesses that learn to transcend them, but I bet not in the first week.  When you are sick, especially in a way that is not physically apparent, it makes it hard for others to understand what you are going through.  In short I am trying to say that an illness, even a temporary one like strep throat, can make life difficult for yourself and your loved ones. Being sick can lead to misunderstandings in many ways and none of them are fun!

The experience of getting easy to access medical care and of being sick in a hard situation made me realize even more than I already have that there is no reason to let people suffer.  Why should the richest country in the world allow people to not get the medical care that they need?  I realize that Obamacare is a step in the right direction, but we can and should go further.  I’m sorry my Republican friends, but you are dead wrong on this issue.  And if you blindly think that we have better medical care than anywhere else in the world, at least in terms of care for the average person, travel to Japan or Europe and see for yourself.  You will find things that will make you eat your words for breakfast!

All the World’s a Stage

The Shinyribs band played Floore’s Country Store last night.  Today we have a wedding.  One could say I have been slightly busy, although it probably has more to do with poor time managment.  Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to resume my normal posting schedule. 

In the meantime I have been paying attention to the drama surrounding Obamacare.  The older I get the more I view politics as theater, albeit one with more immediate real world consequences.  As an art form it is the certainly the ugliest.  These actors give their scripted dialogue and mug for the camera, often with seemingly little idea of how their words will land upon reality.  It is unfortunately also an art form in which we can often predict the roles each character will inhabit.  The only thing up for grabs is the final outcome. 

I am certainly hoping that the outcome this time around is a lasting law that gives more people a chance to get the help that they most desperately need.  Those opposing Obama would be in a farce if it was fiction, but alas, in reality they are inhabiting a stupid, degrading, and poorly written tragedy.  Who can score the most points and get the most digs in?  Who can get the most applause from their base?  I often wonder if those that oppose healthcare reform realize that real lives hang in the balance.  Do they realize that or are the people that died not getting the care they needed, or went broke getting it, just not the part of the crowd who’s approval they want to win over?  All the world’s a stage, often to our own detriment.