Living in America

Have some fun on Memorial Day with your friends and loved ones.  This song is both completely ridiculous and great.

Ukraine Not Rocky IV

After being on the road weekend I am playing catch up with the situation in the Ukraine.  I still don’t know enough to comment on it with a great deal of intelligence.  However, it seems clear to me that because of our invasion of Iraq, we don’t have a lot of moral standing when it comes to invading countries that are sovereign states.  While it is completely understandable to be outraged at Putin’s actions, we can’t pretend as if we have never done anything like that.  That doesn’t mean that two wrongs make a right, as the old saying goes.  It’s just that as we examine the situation and try to decide, as a people, what to do about it, if anything, we should ditch the moral superiority.  This is not Rocky IV, even if the media wants it to be.  I personally think Putin is a despicable character.  However I am sure the situation over there, as most situations, is one that is complex.  As we read the news we should try to parse the subtleties and learn the history of the region.  War is a heavy thing and we should do our homework before we make rash decisions about it.