Twin Peaks and Tapping Into the Subconscious


uncanny – strange or mysterious, especially in an unsettling way.

I have been revisiting Twin Peaks lately in preparation for the return of the series next year.  It still amazes me, 24 years, on how well it holds up.  I also can’t believe it was on mainstream network television.  There are scenes of pure surrealism that often disturb due to their uncanny nature.  As I’ve grown older there are very few times when I find myself the least troubled by things that try to shock or scare.  However, there is some subconscious level that David Lynch taps into, especially in scenes in the red room, where I find myself still getting chills late at night.  This is, despite the fact, that I have seen this show many times and have read and watched countless interviews about it.

Because the show was on network television there is nothing explicitly sexual or violent about the series, although explicit sex and violence are always lurking in this show just off camera.  Lynch, without being able to show any nudity or extreme violence, is able to tap into some kind of primal dream state that unnerves in ways that so many other TV shows have never been able to.    Lynch has a strange ability to put images and sound design together in a way that is the closest to the unsettling nature of dreams as I have ever seen.  While surrealism can sometimes just appear to be random things thrown together, with Lynch there is always some perfect connection between the things he uses, even if it can’t be described in any intellectual way.  While most dreams on TV are nothing like real dreams, but are simply pieces used to move the story along in a different fashion, Lynch gets that dreams reflect life without adhering to the same logic or structure.

Lynch is a practitioner of Transcendental Meditation.  He talks about how he uses this for inspiration in the book Catching the Big Fish.  While having next tried it myself, I can neither confirm or deny its merits.  However, he does seem to be able to tap into the subconscious in ways that no other filmmaker can quite match.  I’m looking forward to what Lynch does with this show once it returns, especially now that it will be on Showtime, which does not have the restrictions of network TV.

Kyle MacLachlan Confirmed As Dale Cooper For Twin Peaks New Season


Kyle MacLachlan Confirmed In New Season of Twin Peakes

I just saw this today, although the news appeared yesterday.  I don’t really get that excited by many TV announcements, but Twin Peaks coming back on, and all that entails, is pretty damn exciting.  Fire Walk With Me is one of my all time favorite movies, and the TV show is obviously a classic.  Plan to hear more about the series return here in the future.

Twin Peaks to Return!

A special TWIN PEAKS announcement:

My flight just got delayed slightly, but guess what?  I don’t give a shit because Twin Peaks is coming back to TV!  In 2016 nine brand new episodes will air on Showtime.  David Lynch and Mark Frost will be writing all nine episodes and Lynch will direct all nine.  The story will take place in the present and will be a continuation of the original series.  This is a great day! 

Years of Living Dangerously

The link above is to the Showtime series Years of Living Dangerously.  You can watch the first episode of this series for free.  To anyone that wants to understand climate change better, is skeptical, or wants to be able to talk about it more intelligently with friends, I can’t recommend this enough.  It is highly accessible and it covers a wide range of topics associated with climate change.  The science is touched upon, but it is not a heavily scientific show in the sense that it is just data thrown at you.  It follows several celebrities as they travel to different regions of the world that are already facing problems that are caused by climate change.  The footage is astounding and the show is highly entertaining, despite being of a very serious nature. 

I know the idea of following around a few celebrities around could easily descend into farce, but in this show it is not the case. The celebrities aren’t so much driving the action as they are just familiar faces that are standing in for the audience on camera.  This is a sober production.

The show does deal with the ecological problems that are associated with climate change, but it also deals with the human issues as well.  We are already seeing crops die, wars being fought, and jobs being lost because of climate change.  These are not things taking place in the future, but are issues that are already starting to arise. 

I also liked the way that the show dealt with people of faith.  People like me are already onboard.  I would vote to curb emissions yesterday.  We need people that have beliefs that stand in the way to change their mind.  This show deals with the idea that science in no way challenges faith, at least not in the big picture.  At the end of the day we all share the same planet, and if we are going to inhabit it in a way similar to the way we grew up, we better find some common ground.