Supreme Court Rules Against Gerrymandering

Supreme Court Rules Against Gerrymandering

An interesting article about a Supreme Court ruling that could be extremely important, but that has not gotten as much press as Obamacare and gay marriage.  I’m just starting to read some articles on this, but it looks like it is worth learning about.

Supreme Court to Vote On Marriage Equality


I have been paying attention to the Supreme Court lately.  There have been many articles about the Court’s upcoming decision on marriage equality for gay couples.  This will be a huge victory for sanity and dignity if the Court approves of gay marriage.  (Right now it looks favorable that they will support gay marriage.)

I could not help to have a little fun with gay couples with the above poster.  If this passes, and I so hope it does for places that haven’t already had marriage equality, just remember what you are getting yourself into!

What is Scarier Than The Walking Dead?

Headed out to Fort Worth for a gig tonight.  Playing the Capital Bar at 9pm.  Posting will probably be slow today.

About an hour or so south of Fort Worth.  The landscape is flat and brown.  As close to fall and October as anything I have seen this year so far in Texas.

I watched a couple episodes of The Walking Dead  while doing taxes last night as I mentioned.  My favorite episodes are the character driven ones.  The writers do a great job of creating fully realized characters and ratcheting up the tension between those characters as their aims and beliefs differ.  I finished season two before bed. 

The show is great at keeping you invested as it is super entertaining.  I wouldn’t say it is scary though.  As an adult there is much worse things to be scared of.  While I was watching it, I compiled a mental list of things I find scarier than zombies (In no apparent order):

1.  Doing my taxes
2.  Monday morning at a day job
3.  The fact that people voted for Ted Cruz
4.  The fact there is now two naked reality shows
5.  The music on the top of the pop charts
6.  The fact that people watch Fox News
7.  The fact that more than half of Americans believe in gaurdian angels
8.  A Supreme Court that treats corporations as people
9.  The fact that people are basically jacking off to their guns now
10.  Rush hour traffic

If something could be done with the things on that list, for starters, I would gladly romp with the dead. 

Dirty Old Right Wing Sods!

Just got to Chicago,  scene of the first gig of the Shinyribs tour.  You can check out dates at   In the meantime I thought I would share this article from Salon.

We are a corporate theocracy now: The Christian right seeks cultural and political domination via @Salon