Texas Stops Cities and Towns From Banning Fracking

Major spoiler warning for the movie There Will Be Blood

Texas Stops Cities and Towns From Banning Fracking

When I think of Corporate Conservatism I often think of the last scene of the movie There Will Be Blood.  In the scene an oil baron, played by Daniel Day Lewis, beats a preacher to death after he no longer has need of him.  Money will use anything it can to get power.  Once it has what it needs it will consume and destroy what no longer serves its purpose.

It should come as no surprise that those that for long have called for less government, for state’s rights, are now actually overturning local governmental decisions.  In a sense they are enforcing environmental regulations, but against the environment.  Years of conservative philosophy are being pissed on to serve the energy industry.  This is fun stuff, as conservative philosophy was already extremely in debt to the energy industry.  Now all guise of sanity is thrown out the window.  But this is their truest intentions laid bare.  Although this behavior by Texas is stupid, arrogant, and morally reprehensible, I think this is misstep by those that seek to destroy the environment over greed.  They can’t claim that these actions serve any principles other than the enrichment of a corrupt few.

There Will Be Blood: Big Business and Religion

Spoiler Alert:  Do not read if you don’t want the end of There Will Be Blood to be ruined.

The movie There Will Be Blood, probably intentionally, makes me think about the current relationship between religion and big business.  In the movie oil magnet Daniel Plainview, played by Daniel Day-Lewis, and preacher Eli Sunday, played by Paul Dano use each other to get what they want.  Plainview wants to get to the oil that is below the ground that Sunday owns and Sunday wants to get money to fund his church.

Ever since at least the Reagan revolution there seems to be an unholy alliance between big business and religion in this country.  Look at how Koch Industries, with the help of the religious right, not only try to get anti-climate science put into classrooms, but also try to get anti-evolutionary science put in as well.  Koch tries to get the ideas that will help their business continue to flourish put into place.  The religious right tries to get their fundamental literal interpretation of the Bible put into school systems.  That most of these Bills that are introduced are done so under the guise of “academic freedom” should come as no surprise.   This is true Orwellian doublespeak if ever there was some.  That these bills have largely failed so far should not be of too much comfort.  These people have the money and time to go back to the well again and again.

However, the religious right should take a lesson from the movie There Will Be Blood.  At the end of the movie, once the character representing big business has everything that he wants; the preacher is beaten to death and left in a pool of his own blood.  In reality, big business is likely to do much the same.  It’s not advised to baptize someone in a river that gives you cancer.