Abbott Has Voter Information Destroyed

Greg Abbott Has Voter Information Destroyed

In Texas Greg Abbott, candidate for governor, has a history of trying to suppress the vote.  In the above article from Dallas News Abbott, while he was Attorney General, had an organization that was trying to register people to vote raided and then, after the charges were dropped, had the raided materials destroyed.  This is a prime example of how low the Republicans will go to suppress the vote.

John Lydon On Voting and Russell Brand

This will be my last post on John Lydon for awhile, but since I have been posting about him, and I included a post about Russell Brand yesterday, I thought that this would be a good video to put up.  I can’t agree more with Lydon about voting.  I also completely agree with his advice on reading.

I apologize.  I originally linked to the wrong video.  The correct video is now above.  

The Long Hard Climb to Change

I just read a troubling article that puts the chances of Republicans winning the Senate at 60%.  The Democrats, for whatever problems you might have with them, are still a party interested in actually governing.  The current GOP is not your grandfather’s Republican party, or even your father’s.  They are a bunch of extremists whose only principle seems to be use the US government as a trough for corporations.  Anything that doesn’t benefit corporations such environmental regulations, higher wages for workers, a safety net for the unfortunate, and on and on, is to be dismantled.  It is an unholy alliance of big money and the fundamentalist right.  Even those Republicans that dare compromise are often challenged and disavowed by a large amount of their own party. 

You’ve probably heard this rant a million times by now, but that makes it no less true.  I’ve talked about this before, but those of you that are conservative from a religious standpoint should watch the movie There Will Be Blood.  In the movie the main character, played by Daniel Day Lewis, who represents big business, makes an uncomfortable alliance with a preacher.  However, once he has everything he needs he beats the preacher to death with a bowling pin.  Once big business has everything it needs, once it has used up all of our resources, has people working for as little as possible, and no longer needs religion as a Trojan horse for its agenda, it will beat it to death and be done with it too. 

The Supreme Court just decided that there should be no limits on campaign contributions.  That to do so would be to limit free speech.  If you think you dislike politicians now, wait till you see what might be coming down the road!  The era of the middle manager is upon us.  We will be overwhelmed with dull minds that don’t question things as long as the money keeps rolling in. 

If you care at all about this country and where we are headed, then contribute in some way.  You should give money, even if it is a little, volunteer, talk to your friends, write or create something that points to what is going on, etc. 

And to all of you that think all politicians are the same:  You are fucking crazy!  Elizabeth Warren and Ted Cruz are light years apart.  Sure the system can at times occasionally grind even the best politicians down to mere shadows of themselves, but there is a difference.  If you don’t vote you are just accepting defeat. This is no time for apathy.  I am no fan of Obama’s drone policy, but if McCain had won we would probably be knee deep in at least a couple of other wars by now! 

There is still reason to hope though.  Look at the advances that have been made in the last few years with how we treat gay people.  Although the battle is not over many people have woken up to the fact that they are people too and deserve to be treated with dignity.  Bringing about positive change can be a long hard climb, but once you reach the summit it is amazing how quickly the whole world can look different. 

Guns, Guns, Guns

I have plenty of friends that own what could be best described as “arsenals”.  Although I’m very liberal in most of my political beliefs I can’t say I’ve ever felt very strongly one way or the other over guns.  I don’t own a gun, although I’ve fired them at targets and at skeet.  It’s not that I don’t see problems with certain aspects of American culture concerning guns; it’s just that it has always been way down the totem pole on my list of priorities.  I’m much more interested in issues concerning poverty, healthcare, the environment, and the military industrial complex. 

     I’d rather let someone else that is much more passionate and informed about gun control make the case for it.  I do think that there are weapons that don’t belong in the hands of the general public.  If all guns disappeared tomorrow I sure wouldn’t miss them.  Again though, I think there are those far better suited to make the nuanced case for sensible gun control than me. 

     However, one particular argument really makes zero sense to me.  It’s the argument concerning protecting your home from the government.  It’s the whole militia mentality.  Look, at this point in time, if the government wants to take you out, there is no kind of machine gun that you can keep in your basement that is going to stop them.  Let’s, for the sake of argument, say that some kind of localized rebellion started.  You are barricaded in your house with your high powered assault rifle.  The government would simply fly a drone over your house, or ride up in a tank, and turn your dwelling into a giant crater.  You and your loved ones, if there was anything left to find, would be scraped up with a spatula.  It would probably be hard to tell who was who.  You and everything you own and everything you love would be eviscerated in a giant fireball.  Better luck next time!

     So I don’t want to hear the argument that owning guns is to keep people free.  The technological ship on guns being able to do that has sailed.  I think there are too many rights being infringed upon too, though I may differ with right wing Americans over what those are.  There are too many people in prison.  The government should stay out of your private life as a general rule, so long as you are not hurting others.  The only thing we can do if we don’t agree with what is going on in this country is to get informed, get organized, let our voices be heard, vote when we can, protest when we can, and contribute what money we can to organizations that are doing work we believe in.  If it ever comes down to guns having to keep you free, cremation will be done on taxpayer dollar.