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My favorite blog is Andrew Sullivan’s The Dish.  It is definitely one of the models for this one.  I like several things about the site, from its content, to the way it is set up.  Sullivan has interest in a wide range of topics.  He can jump from political topics to lighter ones, such as what is the best cover song ever, from post to post.  Many blogs try to focus on a specific topic so that they can find a niche.  However, that is just not the way most people think.  I am a musician and my number one passion is music, but I love reading about politics, film, nature, and literature as well.  But really I like reading about just about anything if it is presented in a clear and insightful way.  Most people have more than one interest.

Although Sullivan has moved to the left in recent years, or at least stayed in the same place as the right has gotten crazier, I don’t agree with him on everything.  However, it is the clarity of his thought, and the fact that he is willing to evolve as time moves along, that makes him interesting to read.  He is also willing to admit that he is wrong.  Life is like that; where you change your opinion and make mistakes.  It takes a smart person to know that they don’t know everything.  Andrew Sullivan can occasionally come across as harsh on TV, but in writing he is almost always very thoughtful.

Blogging interests me as a form for two reasons.  You can get in insightful information in short bursts.  Also, you can follow someone’s real time thinking on issues.  A good blog, in my opinion, should be like a well written diary entry, that focuses on the world, and not oneself.  But like a diary entry it charts how you feel about the world at that place and time.  As Facebook pages shows us, mine included, there are very few people that have lives interesting enough that we want to know what they are doing every single moment.  That’s why I choose to only talk about myself, in terms of what I am doing, only when it is relevant to some other topic.

Not everything I write is a home run.  However, hopefully I will keep you coming back as I explore the world around us, as it is an endlessly fascinating place.  I don’t understand how people can be bored in this world.  There simply isn’t enough time to explore all of the strange, mysterious, fascinating, frustrating, wonderful, horrible things out there.


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